Beatles, Ken Michaels, Every Little Thing, WNHU, January 15, 2020.  Download  

Late Beatles Live Solo.

Ringo Starr – Playing For Change

We must have been living under a rock becasue we totally missed this one when it first came out in September last year.

It’s Ringo Starr guesting on a terrific Playing For Change 50th anniversary version of The Band’s classic, ‘The Weight’:

It really works, don’t you think? Composer Robbie Robertson and Playing For Change producer…

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Things We Said Today #310 – Highlights of 2019, Wish Lists for 2020  


In this first episode of 2020, Ken Michaels, Allan Kozinn and Darren DeVivo look back at what they considered the Beatles-related highlights of 2019 and discuss what they hope to see in 2020.

Beatles, Chris Carter, January 12, 2020.  Download

Beatles, Terri Hemmert, January 12, 2020.  Download

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Neil Innes.

Beatle Brunch, Joe Johnson, January 11, 2020.  Download  

Introducing the Beatles

Beatles, Les Perry, January 11, 2020.  Download

Beatles, Dennis Mitchell, January 11, 2020.  Download  

Politics; Neil Innes

Beatlesongs, Rob Leonard, January 10, 2020.  Download  

Guest:  Bruce Spizer