Please, take a minute and help me :)




Look at this!

Paul uploaded this video today, so i made an screenshoot to take a better look of his portraits in the background

But here’s the thing:

Im pretty sure that the first one it’s a candid with Mal Evans, taken circa 1968

But the second one …..  (?) Looks like middle of the 70s and i never seen that before, so my question is:

Is that John? Is that possible? or Ringo? Maybe. What do you think?

Just hoping for some opinions!

Hey, guys! Sorry for the delay, but i was working on this! Unfortunately, our mystery man, is not Johnny, and neither Ringo. His name, is Alan O’Duffy, and he was the sound engineer of Venus And Mars. It was taken during the Call Me Back Again mixing session in New Orlans, 1975! I havent found the original photograph yet, but here are some that were taken that day, so we can see what I’m talking about!

Thanks to those who have helped me, especially to Benoit from France! Now, the challenge is to find the original one (taken by Linda, i suppose).Join me! 

—Sorry for my english, not my first language tbh 🙂 Love xX

UPDATE: Benoit from France, just sent me this! So, after three months THE CHALLENGED IS COMPLETED! ✓