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McCartney’s ‘Egypt Station’ – Yet Another Viny…

McCartney’s ‘Egypt Station’ – Yet Another Vinyl Version Available

In the increasingly strange and frustrating story of the number of different versions of Paul McCartney’s soon-to-be-released Egypt Station, there was another twist yesterday.

Subscribers to Spotify who somehow were determined to be dedicated McCartney streamers were sent this email:

Now, that’s kind of odd. Firstly, offering people who mostly consume their music digitallythe only access to an…

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McCartney’s Egypt Station – Packaging Images E…

McCartney’s Egypt Station – Packaging Images Emerge

As the release date of September 7 draws near, more images of Paul McCartney’s eagerly awaited release Egypt Station are beginning to trickle out.

This is helping collectors to delineate just what is what in the still-confusing array of variations on offer.

First up the humble standard 16 track CD:This will be joined by a version with two bonus tracks (still un-named) that will only be available…

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More McCartney Coloured Vinyl To Be Issued

More McCartney Coloured Vinyl To Be Issued

Capitol Records is following up last year’s coloured vinyl McCartney releases with four more titles. These will be available on May 18 (fingers crossed, given the delays experienced last time!) and they are NEW; Thrillington; Wings Greatest; and Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

As you can see, NEW is to be on pink vinyl, Thrillington on what looks to be a marbled red, Wings Greatest is on…

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McCartney – Eight Coloured Vinyls Arrive

McCartney – Eight Coloured Vinyls Arrive

Like a lot of collectors around the world, we have been waiting patiently for Universal Music to sort out the delays and confusion around the supply and delivery of the recent Paul McCartney vinyl re-issues on coloured vinyl.

We ordered ours last year weeks before the advertised shipping date – but it is only in the new year that they finally arrived – in two separate shipments. Ramclearly was in…

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(via McCartney ‘Archive Collection’ Coloured Vinyl -…

(via McCartney ‘Archive Collection’ Coloured Vinyl – Confusion Reigns)

McCartney ‘Archive Collection’ Coloured Vinyl – Confusion Reigns

McCartney ‘Archive Collection’ Coloured Vinyl – Confusion Reigns

Five days on from the official announcement on the Paul McCartney website that there are to be eight titles in the McCartney Archive Collection series re-issued as single discs on the Capitol label (on CD, black vinyl and limited coloured vinyl), confusion reigns about just how anyone can actually order the coloured vinyl.

Both McCartney’sown site, and the Universal Music store site included…

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