Category: Denny Laine

Beatles, Andre Gardner, December 8, 2019.  Download  

In-studio guest is Denny Laine.

Beatles, Dennis Mitchell, September 7, 2019.  Download  

Imagine, Robert Rodriguez, Denny Laine, Yoko Ono

Beatles, Ken Michaels, Every Little Thing, January 9, 2019.  Download  

Denny Laine.

Beatles, Chris Carter, May 20, 2018.  Download  

Denny Laine in person.

Beatles, Les Perry, May 19, 2018.  Download  

In the 1st hour, Bob Eubanks is in studio discussing his history with the Beatles and promoting his August 12, 7pm show in Thousand Oaks show called “Backstage With the Beatles”.  “Ticket to Ride” will be performing also.

In the 2nd hour, Denny Laine is in studio with commentary on several songs.  His band is playing May 20th at Bogies, May 25th at McCabe’s.

Beatles, Les Perry, January 27, 2018.  Download  

Denny Laine joins Les in studio.