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Beatles, Dennis Mitchell, October 19, 2019.  Download  

Guest Geoff Emerick

Beatles, Dennis Mitchell, April 27, 2019.  Download  

Producers & Engineers.  Interview with Jerry Hammack.  Also Todd Rundgren, Geoff Emerick.

Beatles, Dennis Mitchell, October 20, 2018.  Download  

Geoff Emerick, Egypt Station, Imagine.


Things We Said Today #282 – Imagine Box Set, Geoff Emerick


This week, Ken Michaels, Allan Kozinn and Darren DeVivo remember the Beatles’ engineer Geoff Emerick, and take a look at the new “Imagine” boxed set. As always, we welcome your thoughts about this episode of the show or any other episode. We invite you to send your comments about this or any of our other shows to our email address, join our “Things We Said Today Beatles Fans” Facebook page and comment there, tweet us at @thingswesaidfab or catch us each on Facebook and give us your thoughts. And we thank you very much for listening. You can hear and download our show on Podbean, the Podbean app and iTunes and stream us through the Tune In Radio app and from our very own YouTube page.  Our shows appear just about every week. Please be sure and write a (good!) review of our show on our iTunes page. If you subscribe to any of our program providers, you’ll get the first word as soon as a new show is available. We don’t want you to miss us. And thank you very much for your continued support. Our download numbers have been continually rising each week as more people discover us and it’s all because of you! So we thank you very much for supporting us.

Beatles, Ken Michaels, Every Little Thing WNHU, October 3, 2018.  Download  

Geoff Emerick

Vale Geoff Emerick – Audio Engineer Extraordinaire

Very sad to learn that Geoff Emerick, the sound engineer who worked on so many legendary Beatle and McCartney recordings has passed away. He suffered a heart attack at the age of 72.

Paul McCartney pays tribute on his official site, and recalls Geoff being central to the recording of his classic Band On The Run LP from 1973.

Rolling Stone magazine says he was a crucial collaborator who helped The…

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Beatles, Dennis Mitchell, April 28, 2018.  Download  

Many of the producers and engineers who helped and preserve the Beatles sound.  Guest is author and engineer Jerry Hammack.  Also, clips with Todd Rundgren, Geoff Emerick, Richard Langham, George Martin, Alan Parsons.

Beatles, Dennis Mitchell, June 24, 2017.  Download  

Geoff Emerick, Marty Allen, Rarities.